Happiness! Exibition 2016

The impermanence and temporal nature of our society paced by technological advances and the resulting disconnection of people amplifies the ensuing loneliness of modern urban life. Images, sounds, friends and strangers virtually invade our personal and private lives resulting in the deterioration of attention span, and the reliance on instant gratification as substitution for lasting fulfillment and physical interaction.

To counter this, Vruwink’s installation will encourage frivolity, whimsy, physical engagement, and the opportunity to escape from the mundane with artifacts of celebrations, references to the body, and nostalgia for the innocence of adolescence.

Visual, audio, oral, and olfactory stimuli will assault senses and seek to transport visitors to a happier state.

Workshops and daily provided instructional activities further the opportunity to more deeply explore Happiness. Pheromones may be tickled, sweet teeth indulged, sculptural objects teased, and mental states transformed.

May we all be happy, happily ever after.